Re-Elect James Duncan
Proven to be a real taxpayer's watchdog

As Chairman of public safety Jim has:

  • Obtained help from the Department of Justice at no cost
  • Brought the citizens voice back to the table
  • Helped avoid $50 million cost for a new jail
  • Helped obtain $400 thousand in new grants
  • Closed juvenile detention centers
  • Helped decrease crime
Jim Duncan for supervisor
Political Experience:
Past Service:
Outagamie County Board member since 1998, Member of the Airport Property Committee, Vice Chair Health and Human Services Committee, Member of the Health and Human Services Board, Trustee University of Wisconsin Fox Valley Board

Present Service:
Chairman of Public Safety Committee, Chairman of the Law Enforcement Coordinating Counsel, Member of the State of Wisconsin Criminal Justice Coordinating Council/benchmark and data sharing subcommittees
Why are you running?
I'm running to keep our communities safe. I'm running because I want to help those in need and not waste your money doing it. I believe in empowering people, not enabling them. I believe in being fair to everyone. Citizens, employees, and those we do business with all deserve a voice at the table. I believe the government was meant to serve people and not people to serve government. I believe that you, not government, know what's best to do with your money, your life, and your future. I'm running to be your voice on the County board.
What are the key issues?
Evidence-based practice like treatment rather than incarceration will make our community safer and cost less. I wanted to continue being a leader in the state in making offenders into taxpaying citizens. $24 million of the county's budget is not required to bid for services under a 30-year-old rule. It is far past the time that the county board addresses this rule and establishes a new rule which protects the taxpayer's hard-earned money. Last we must put people first and get rid of the partisan politics that has crept into our system.

A Neighbor We Know, a Leader We Trust

Jim Duncan is keeping the community safe while saving money. Along with the sheriff in 2001, Jim proposed The Law Enforcement Coordinating Counsel which he chairs. As a result, last year, we saw over 500 less people than in 2009 arrested and booked into jail. Crime decreased and jail population is down. The result is no need to spend $50 million on a new jail. Under his direction, applied for and received $400,000 in grant funds over the past two years.

"We feel Jim really deserves a place in office because he works for the people. Unlike a lot of politicians today, he is honest and hardworking - The kind of leadership we deserve."

~ Denise and Erik Bruecker

"Jim Duncan did something for me as a child that no one else ever did. He fought for me! With more heart and soul than anyone I knew. It's from him that I learned to never give up no matter the odds."

~ TJ Winge


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